For Orizon, Corporate Governance is the set of rules and practices that are defined by the Direction of the Society, in it, criteria and behavior that need to prevail in the relationships among stakeholders, directors and the administration are stablished in order to achieve company goals.


Increase the company’s value in the long term.

Ensure transparency.

Minimize and manage conflicts of interest between agents present in a company.

Ensure an honest behavior from directors, towards the interest of stakeholders and the company itself.

Look for equal participation from stakeholders and ensure a fair deal from the company’s executive and administrative board.

Guarantee the directive board and its members’ independence when making decisions.

Stablish management policies that define processes and control over company’s operations.

Contribute to the society’s human sustainable development, fostering the company’s commitment with its employees and their families, with society and local communities in order to improve share capital and life quality.


Regulatory policies and rules that define Corporate Governance in Orizon S.A. may be consulted in the following documents:


The information of your claim is important to know if there are practices that go against the ethical principles of the company, that have relation to the crimes contained in the law 20.393 and / or possible frauds, and in this way take actions to prevent them and / or report them to the Public Ministry, as the case may be. The Claim Channel is managed by the Crime Prevention Officer and allows the complainant to interact with him until the end of the process.

Within the claimable situations there are:

  • Code of Ethics infraction.
  • Law 20.393 infraction.
  • Free competition law infraction.
  • Fault to the company’s principles and values (frauds).
  • Among others.