US $160
Annual Sales over US$ 160 million.
+ 1000
More than 1000 workers.


3 production centers in Coquimbo, Coronel and Puerto Montt.


Sales in Chile to more than 120 clients.


1 commercial office in the US.


Exporting to more than 30 countries.


Orizon provides consumers with a wide variety of products from the sea that due to their quality and nutritional intake has allowed it to become the most preferred food by the Chileans for over 60 years thus helping with the health of those who choose us.

So, with its Preserve and Frozen line of products the company has grown in the food market, taking an important place with its traditional brands such as San José, Colorado and Wirenbo, which are widely recognized by all consumers.

The farming of species such as the jack mackerel, common mackerel, common sardine, anchovy, hake, southern ray’s beam, and giant squid is possible thanks to Orizon’s processing plants located in Coronel and Coquimbo; also from its fishing efforts, to which it possesses a 7-ship own fleet and a series of agreements with artisanal fishermen that supply the company of raw materials, mainly used in the business line associated to fishmeal and fish oil making.

All production is made under the most rigorous quality and safety standards; this is why every product is allowed to enter different international markets. In this line of business the company counts with PAC (QA Program, as per its acronym in Spanish) and HACCP certifications.

Annually or production is:

Canned 1.900.000 boxes

Frozen Fish 6.500 tons

Giant Squid 7.000 tons

Fishmeal 25.000 tons

Fish Oil 7.000 tons


Orizon, with his line of farm products, has the best conditions to farm the best raw materials that will be processed with the highest quality standards, to the consumer’s table.

Our farms are located in the coast of the Chilean Patagonia, wild and untainted territory, bathed by the icy and clear waters of the Humboldt Current, rich in nutrients and pollution free, allowing to deliver a healthy, nutritious and accessible product.

We cultivate our own raw materials, using top quality processes, delivering flexibility and freedom to adjust to the most demanding regulations and quality standards with a premium product full of nutrients and flavor, straight from the sea to your table, 100% natural.

We believe that our biggest commitment is to our clients and our environment.

Our products count with BRC and Friends of the Sea certifications.


Trades and distributes products that will deliver a healthier eating to all consumers, come both from land and sea, and are self-made or made by third parties.

It counts with market experience through its traditional and well-known brands San José, Colorado and Wirenbo, among others; being the top canned jack mackerel brand nowadays.

The marketer offers an excellent service, reaching its clients through different channels: supermarkets, convenience stores, common trade, e-commerce, and food service. To this end it includes logistics with local coverage, attending to different types of clients through the whole country.

It has a local and international supplier network with the highest quality standards and certifications.