At Orizon we are committed to enforce good personnel management practices that would allow people to be at the heart of the company, with their talents, motivations and growth needs, thus, aiding with goal fulfillment for our company in a challenging, productive and collaborative organizational environment.


The human component that makes possible taking top quality products to our clients and consumers is formed as follows according to the charts that show workers by type of contract:

Fixed-term staff is mainly temporary and obeys fishing seasons and associated production processes.


At Orizon all staff training processes (qualification, coaching, and professional formation and development programs) are key to fulfill our “Orizon 2020” strategy and personal growth of the people that form our organization.


Our company takes into account a set of benefits for the staff, in which the most notable features are: Life Insurance, Complementary Health Insurance, bonuses for Holidays (Christmas and Sep. 18th), vacation bonus payments, school funding for workers and their children, etc.


In order to achieve the goals of our strategical objectives we are constantly concerned about having a harmonious, positive and efficiency-oriented working environment.

- 2015 60% of favorability
- 2016 70% of favorability

In the course of 2016 a Working Environment Management program was created with the Korn Ferry HayGroup support, this allowed improving the results achieved in 2016.


In 2016 a total number of 267 workers (44% of the indefinite contracted workers) were in one of the two company unions and the people at the sea were affiliated to 3 inter-company unions.

During 2016 3 collective negotiations with staff from the 4th and 7th regions took place, reaching a favorable agreement for both parties, without strikes and with a 4-year effect, the maximum time allowed by the law. This proves the good relationship between Orizon and its unions.


At Orizon we need to count on talented people who want to be key players in the healthy eating market.

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